Absolute Landscaping has been designing and installing residential and commercial landscape projects in Vancouver, BC for 15 years. We offer a full range of landscaping services, including consulting, design, building and installation.

Consultation and Design
: Drawing on our expertise and experience, we’ll work with you to articulate and bring to life your ideas and concepts for your landscape and outdoor space. Our consultations are important to us and we take the time to truly understand your landscaping needs. The end result of the consultation and design process is a complete understanding of the work to be done and if requested, detailed blueprints that can include:

  • Complete landscape design and configuration
  • Plant list and selection
  • Detailed materials list
  • Lighting design and configuration
  • Irrigation systems

Building and Installation: Our landscaping projects range from renovations of existing landscapes to entirely new installations. We use only the highest quality materials and the utmost attention to detail. We’re experts in building and installing: